Sweet Peppers

Bell Peppers Photo by Salzar78

Bell Peppers Photo by Salzar78

Sweet peppers are what most people picture when thinking about growing peppers. Of course everyone knows about bell peppers, and this is the most popular of the sweet peppers, but there are many other types of sweet pepper plants that you can grow. Here is a list of some of the sweet pepper types.

1. Bell Peppers: This is what most people think of as a sweet pepper. Bell peppers are a large blocky fruit, they are sweet with no heat. They come in many different colors. Green is the most common, but most stores have red and yellow and sometimes orange. If you grow your own you can get seeds for white, chocolate, and purple. Green bell peppers are picked before they are fully ripe and therefore not as sweet and slightly bitter than the the fully ripe ones. The colored ones are a little more expensive than the the green partly because when allowed to fully ripen pepper plants stop making new fruit.
2. Sweet Cherry Peppers: These are small round peppers about one to two inches in diameter. They can be picked red or green. These make great salad peppers because of there size. They also make delicious pickled peppers, and go great on a salad tray next to pickled hot cherry peppers.

3. Pimento or Cheese Peppers: Pimento Peppers are about three to four inches wide and one and one half to three inches long with deep lobes. They are very sweet and usually pickled. Cheese Pimentos ripen from green to yellow then to red, they get their name from the yellow stag when they look like tiny wheels of cheese.

4. Sweet Italian Rams Horn: Italian Rams Horn Peppers can be sweet or hot here we’ll talk about the sweet. They are four or more inches wide, and can get up to nine inches long. They have a slight taper and are usually slightly curved. These are my favorite sweet peppers as they are much sweeter and less bitter than bell peppers.
5. Sweet Banana or Cubanelle Pepper: These peppers are long and narrow. They are three to four inches wide and can get up to eight inches long. They are light lime green to yellow in color.
Well that’s a short list of some of the types of sweet peppers. Have some fun and try the various kinds, you’ll soon be an expert. Remember the best part of growing pepper seeds is the variety of peppers you get to eat.

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