Planting Pepper Seeds

This is how to start growing peppers from seed indoors.

You should plant peppers about six to eight weeks before you transplant them outdoors.

Are you ready to plant? First we get our stuff together.

You will need.

  1. Seed starting soil. (Seed starting soil is sterilized so your seedlings don’t get sick.)
  2. Sterilized or new pots.
  3. Labels (unless you are only starting one kind of seed)
  4. Seeds
  5. Water (in a tray or sink to bottom water, or a spray bottle)
  6. A place to plant your seeds (potting bench, or table, or a large tray so you don’t get soil all over)
  7. A pencil ( to use as a small dibble to make holes in the soil, and write out the labels)
  8. Milled sphagnum moss (not always necessary but a thin layer on top of the soil helps prevent damping off)

Caution: If you smoke tobacco wash your hands before handling the pepper seeds to prevent  your plants from getting tobacco mosaic.

OK lets get the stuff together!

Seed Starting Supplies Picture

The Seed Starting Supplies

First fill the pots.

Filling the Pot with Soil Picture

Filling the Pot with Soil

Then pack the soil, but not to tight.

Packing the Soil Picture

Packing the Soil

Now the pot is ready.

Pot  Full of Soil Picture

The pot is full of soil and ready for planting.

Now I’ll use the pencil as a dibble to make holes in the soil. Two holes in each section about 1/4 inch (.635 cm) deep. Two holes for two seeds in case one doesn’t grow.

Pencil as a Dibble Picture

Using a pencil as a dibble to make planting holes.

Now the holes are made.

Holes are Made Picture

Two holes in each section are made.

Lets get the seeds.

Pepper Seeds Picture

Lets get our pepper seeds.

Now we get some pepper seeds out to plant.

Pepper Seeds Picture

Pepper seeds ready to plant

One seed in each hole.

One Seed in Each Hole Picture

One Seed in Each Hole

Now the seeds are covered with soil.

Covering the seeds with soil picture.

Covering the pepper seeds with soil

Next a small layer of milled sphagnum moss is added to help prevent damping off. An old flour sifter works great for this.

Adding Sphagnum Moss Picture

Using an old flour sifter to add a layer of sphagnum moss on top of the soil.

Now it’s time for a label.

Get the plant label picture

Get the plant label

Place it in the pot.

Plant Label in the Pot Picture

The pepper plant label is in the pot.

Now it’s time to water our pepper seeds.

I like to place them in a tray of water.

Seedling Pot in a Water Tray Picture

The seedling pot in a water tray.

You can also use a spray bottle, just be gentle so you don’t wash out the pepper seeds.

Spray Bottle Picture

A spray bottle to water the pepper seeds.

Now the pepper seeds are watered.

Watered Pepper Seeds

The soil is wet.

Take the pepper seed pot out and place it in a warm place with good light to germinate and grow. I put them on my plant stand.


Pepper seed pots on the plant stand, with other seeds being started.

Pepper seed pots on the plant stand, with other seeds being started.

Now they can germinate and grow until transplant time outside.

Peppers like warm soil, so it’s best to wait until after the last frost date in your area you may want to wait a week or so longer if the weather is cool. If your plants start to get to big before the weather is warm enough, transplant them to a larger pot.


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