Refrigerator Pickled Peppers

Refrigerator Pickled Peppers

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This is a great recipe for pepperoncini, and sliced jalapeno peppers, because they are not cooked in a water bath, they stay very crisp and crunchy.

1 and ½ cup White or Cider Vinegar

1 and ½ cup Water

2 tablespoons pickling salt

3 to 6 cloves of Garlic

Enough peppers to fill 3 quart jars

3 sterile quart or 6 pint jars with lids (plastic lids are good as they don’t rust, and these pickles are not processed but kept in the refrigerator)

Wash peppers and slit each one with a short slit to allow the brine to get inside the peppers. Larger peppers can also be pickled but must be cored seeded and sliced into smaller pieces. Place a clove of garlic in each jar,then fill with peppers.
Mix vinegar, water, and salt in a sauce pan and bring to a boil. Pour the brine over the peppers to fill the jars, use a wooden spoon handle to remove air bubbles. Cover the jars with lids and place in the refrigerator. Allow them to cure for two weeks, then they are ready to eat. They will last about 6 months in the refrigerator.

One thought on “Refrigerator Pickled Peppers

  1. I love this recipe. Only thing I don’t do is boil the brine. The pepper rings turn out crunchy and tastey. I also use it to make dill pickles by adding fresh dill! Thaks for sharing, Jackie

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