Pepper Recipes

Stuffed Bell Peppers with Corn

This is an easy recipe for stuffed bell peppers that uses corn instead of rice. This a great if your growing peppers and have lots of sweet peppers to use up. It’s been one of my favorite pepper recipes that my Mom always cooked in late summer, now I love to cook it too.

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Sweet Pepper Relish

This is the recipe for my favorite Sweet Pepper Relish. You can use any color of Bell Peppers, for a more colorful relish. I got this recipe from my mother, and I don’t think she had the variety of peppers we have today. Don’t change the amounts of the ingredients as the acidity keeps Botulism from growing.Use this on all your favorite burgers, brats, and sandwiches.

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Pepper Relish Pepper Recipes

Sweet Pepper Relish


Refrigerator Pickled Peppers

This a great recipe for pickles, because they are refrigerator pickles they aren’t cooked in a water bath so they are very crispy.

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