The Thai Hot Pepper

Thai Hot Peppers Dried in a Rista

Thai Hot Peppers Dried in a Rista

The Thai hot is small yet hotter then most. They are pretty little peppers, bright red, and less than one inch long and they grow on a very beautiful little plant.

Thai hot peppers are small cone shaped peppers, ¼ inch wide and ½ to ¾ inches long. They are bright red when ripe. The plants are small for peppers at about 12 to 18 inches tall. Their small size makes them a good container plant. The peppers grow upwards, which makes them very ornamental. They are very hot, having a Scoville heat rating of 50,000 to 100,000 units. They are commonly used in Thai and other Asian cooking.

Thai hot peppers are very hot, one of them can add heat to a whole kettle of food. Use them sparingly. The plants are very decorative, and can be planted in with flowers, as well as making beautiful container plants. They also can be strung and dried as decorative ristas.

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