The Sweet Cherry Pepper

Sweet Cherry Peppers Picture

Sweet Cherry Peppers

The sweet cherry pepper is small, about one and ½ inch to about three inches in length and diameter. It starts off green and turns a deep dark red when fully ripe. Its shape is either round or some what conical. As it gets redder it gets sweeter.

The sweet red cherry pepper looks the same as the hot red cherry pepper, so if you grow both be careful to keep track of which is which. It is most often pickled and served with relish trays or salads, but is also great fresh in salads or on its own. It can also be cooked in any dish that uses sweet peppers. It is great when stuffed with cheese.

However they are used sweet cherry peppers are very tasty, sweet with no bitterness. Get some from your farmers market, or grocery store and try them.

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