The Sweet Banana Pepper


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Sweet Banana Peppers

The sweet banana pepper is long and thin and vaguely shaped like a banana. It is usually five to eight  inches long and one and one half to three inches in diameter slightly curved and tapering to a blunt point. When immature banana peppers are green and they ripen to yellow and eventually turn bright red.

. Sweet banana peppers as their name says are very sweet and many times are used in salads, relish trays, and garnishments. They are also pickled, and the pickled peppers are very often put on sandwiches and hot dogs. Here is a very good pickling recipe from
Sweet Pickled Banana Peppers.

. Sweet banana peppers look very much like Hungarian hot peppers, so if you grow both, make sure to label them correctly. Also if you buy them at a farmers market make sure you ask which are which so as not to get a hot surprise.

. They’re very popular in home gardens, because they are very easy to grow. They require full sun and good garden soil. Like all peppers they like warm weather but not hot. If you give them the right conditions they are one of the most productive peppers to grow.

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