The Red Hot Cherry Pepper

The red hot cherry pepper is a mildly hot pepper which also has a little bit of sweet flavor. This makes it a good pepper for various dishes. It is sometimes called the Hungarian cherry pepper because it is very popular in Hungarian cooking. It’s two most popular uses are as a pickled pepper, or stuffed and deep-fried as a popper.

Pickled Red Hot Cherry Peppers picture

Pickled Red Hot Cherry Peppers

Red hot cherry pepper one is about one and ½ inch to 2 inches in diameter and starts out green and turns to a bright red. As it gets riper and redder it gets sweeter and hotter. When I pickle red hot cherry peppers, I like to pick some green and some red for very beautiful jars of pickled peppers.

Here is a good refrigerator pickle recipe for any small pepper and it works well for the red hot cherry pepper.Refrigerator Pickled Peppers

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