The Jalapeno Pepper

The jalapeno pepper is usually picked green and 2 to 3 inches long and 3\4 inch to an one and 1\2 inches in diameter. Jalapeno can be from mildly warm to somewhat hot depending on its genetics and its growing conditions. Jalapenos are one of the most popular peppers. You can find them in all sorts of foods, such as jalapeno poppers, pickled jalapenos and of course chopped up and put into all sorts of Southwest and Mexican dishes. Jalapenos have a very nice flavor other than just their heat, which makes them good for putting in various foods. They are not bitter like sweet bell peppers can be. Some facts about the jalapeno peppers. The Scoville units,the units used to rate the heat of peppers, is between 2500 and 10,000 units.They are members of the capsicum family, capsicum annuum. The plants are fairly hearty for peppers and they grow about two to a half feet tall, and are very productive.
Jalapeno Peppers Picture

Jalapeno Peppers

They are one of my favorites, because they have one of the best flavors of any pepper and are only mildly hot. They are very common and you can find them in every grocery store, in the fresh produce section, and in the pickle, and Mexican food sections as pickled peppers. Get out and try some jalapeno peppers today.

For more information on jalapenos you can check out the Wikipedia article on them at

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