The Green Bell Pepper

The Green Bell Pepper
Green Bell Pepper

Green Bell Pepper

The green bell pepper is probably the most popular pepper in the United States. You can find it at any grocery store at any time of the year. It has no heat at all because of a recessive gene which suppresses the production of capsiacin ( the chemical that makes peppers hot). The green bell pepper is generally referred to as a sweet pepper, although it’s not very sweet and can be bitter. It can range in size from three to four inches wide and three or four inches long, to six or seven inches wide and eight or nine inches long. It will ripen red, yellow, orange, or purple depending on the variety.

This pepper is very versatile. It can be chopped up and put it into almost any dish. It can be sliced up and served as a salad. It can be hollowed out and stuffed very easily since it’ big and bulky. They are great roasted on the grill. You can even chop them up finely and make a pepper relish.

The green bell pepper has so many uses and is so versatile it’s almost impossible to list them all. We have two great recipes for them on this Pepper Recipes. So if you like peppers, get some green peppers and cook them in a new way, and you’ll make your belly very happy.

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