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D.C.B. aka Farmer Dave

D.C.B. aka Farmer Dave

Hi I’m Dave,

Farmer Dave is my nickname. I’m an gardener and an artist, my artist name is D.C.B. or Artist D.C.B. GrowingPeppers.org was my first website, I started it because I love peppers. All kinds of peppers sweet or hot, I love them all. I love growing peppers, because I love having lots of different kinds of peppers. If you want a good variety of peppers you have to grow your own.

I do love gardening and have started FarmerDavesGarden.com to expand beyond just peppers. If you are into more than just peppers please go there. If you have any gardening questions beyond peppers, please go there. If you don’t find your answer here or there, please ask. I love to help! That’s right I, Farmer Dave, with GrowingPeppers.org and FarmerDavesGarden.com want to help you with your pepper planting, growing peppers, so you can enjoy eating them.

Growing peppers should be fun and rewarding, a little work brings a lot of pleasure. Peppers bring beauty and are great things to eat. They add flavor and spice to our lives. If you have any questions, please ask on our GrowingPeppers.org Contact Page, or email us at Support@GrowingPeppers.org

If you have any other gardening questions either go to FarmerDavesGarden.com, or contact FarmerDavesGarden.com by email at Support@FarmerDavesGarden.com or on the Contact Page for FarmerDavesGarden.com.

GrowingPeppers.org is a website about growing peppers and eating them.YUM! It is owned and operated by Horses Running Ranch LLC of Wisconsin, it is partnered with FarmerDavesGarden.com. All material is copyright by GrowingPeppers.org and or D.C.B. and or Horses Running Ranch except where noted. If you wish to use material from this website please contact us at Support@GrowingPeppers.org, or at

GrowingPeppers.org Contact Page

LOVE brings peace and happiness



Farmer Dave

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